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Camila & René-Marie are professional tango dancers and teachers. Before meeting, they accumuled numerous experiences of performing and teaching in many cities in Europe and Argentina.


They started to work together during the year 2020. A feeling of very powerful and natural connection in the dance made them want to explore it further, and start building a strong partnership.

Today, their teaching is completely focused on the social aspects of argentine tango : How to feel deeply comfortable in the body and the movement, how to keep a deep and continuous connection with the partner, how to express themself in the dance, offering a musical interpretation of the song, based on both partners propositions.

The technical language they are developping is made both of tango inspiration and natural body rules. This is meant to offer to the students the capacity to adapt to most dancers they would meet in the milongas of the world, the goal always being feeling good, looking good and sharing unique moments with others.

The foundations of their dance draw from a deeply connected embrace (mostly a closed one) and a perfect balance between the two dancers, who might have different roles, but are equaly important in the realisation of the dance. This allows to create a circular communication in which both dancers are totaly present, confident, always doing and letting do, at the same time acting and listening.


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As tango dancers, one of our main aspiration is to promote tango as a social interaction, to draw public attention to tango and help tangueras and tangueros to develop their skills and their own expressivity. We believe it is a dance that enables people to share authentic moments, and our purpose is to instruct tools and open minds to new ideas that will allow one to explore themself while creating something unique with someone else.

Our classes are a welcoming space, where everyone comes to learn, explore and share with the others. We are very attentive to the energy of the group, as well as to every individual, always intending to adjust our teaching to everyone. Therefore, we try to balance a hard-working mood - because students come to learn and get better - with a very relaxed and happy atmosphere, in order to enjoy every moment.

We are working localy in various cities and travelling over Europe to perform and teach in tango events.

Tango in Switzerland
You can find here the most relevant information about our regular and private classes in Switzerland (in Geneva, Fribourg, Bulle...).







Tango in Switzerland and Europe
If you are looking for information about the specific milongas and festivals we are participating in, about the type of workshops we offer (technique classes, thematic workshops, seminars...) and the possibilities of booking for your event, please get in touch with us here. We will be very happy to answer any question and go along with you in your projects.


Camila et René-Marie cours de tango a Genève Fribourg et Bulle
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Les samedis 11 et 25 SEPTEMBRE 2021, 11h-13h

Venez essayer le tango argentin avec nous ! Deux heures de stage d'introduction pour se familiariser avec cette danse d'une richesse incomparable. Plus qu'une simple danse, vous découvrirez une culture, un art de vivre, une manière de  développer son équilibre, sa perception de l'espace, sa capacité à se faire confiance, à prendre des initiatives, à écouter, à faire et à laisser faire. Tout cela en s'amusant et en partageant un moment de convivialité !

INSCRIPTIONS et INFOS par email : / TARIF: 35.-chf
Cours débutants réguliers les mercredis à 19h.

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Camila Ameglio & René-Marie Meignan

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